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Streamline daily rounding. Reduce the cost of non-compliance. Achieve health care excellence.

ReadyPoint delivers the power of timely, actionable data directly into the hands of those who need it.

  • ReadyPoint Simplified Scheduling

    Simplified Scheduling

    Conduct or Schedule Rounds, Surveys, Assessments, Inspections, Drills and Interviews.

  • ReadyPoint Mobile Alerts

    Mobile Alerts

    Leverage the power of Alerts (text and email) and Smart Notifications to assign or reassign routine tasks and improve inter-hospital communications.

  • Monitor and track compliance with ReadyPoint

    Monitor and Track

    Monitor and track compliance by category, by open and closed issues, across hospital locations, buildings, departments and floors and even by individuals.

  • Communicate easily with ReadyPoint

    Communicate Easily

    Leverage the power of Alerts (text and email) and Smart Notifications to assign or reassign routine tasks and improve inter-hospital communications.

  • Paper-less rounding with ReadyPoint

    Paper-less Rounding

    Eliminate paper rounding and gain the capability of analyzing real time data compiled through mobile devices or your ReadyPoint website.

  • Find compliance issues with ReadyPoint

    Find Compliance Issues

    Identify Issues and quickly assign or reassign corrective action plans.


About Us


We are a leading technology provider of Rounding and Compliance solutions for the health care industry. The ReadyPoint platform delivers significant value to hospital customers by standardizing and automating the requirements associated with Rounding and Compliance management. Our “Software as a Service” (SaaS) platform is intuitive and effective; keeping hospitals ready and compliant at all times.

About ReadyPoint

ReadyPoint transforms your accreditation and compliance processes while improving audit readiness and communications among staff, facilities, and patients.

Quality of care | Environment of care | Patient safety

ReadyPoint's state-of-the-art rounding and compliance platform helps you to be:

Ready for Automated Rounding

ReadyPoint compliance cost reduction

Reduce the high cost of Compliance.

Regulatory requirements are increasingly complex. The cost and overhead associated with delivering quality care while meeting Standards makes Daily Rounding the cornerstone of day-to-day Compliance.

ReadyPoint automates the Compliance process, creating value for your hospital through improved Standardization, Accountability, Tracking and Analytical Decision Support.

ReadyPoint rounding list
  • Streamline preparation for Standards Audits (JC/CMS/DNV)
  • Utilize data to make the best decisions that improve safety and quality of care
  • Simplify Tracking staff Rounding performance and issue resolution
  • Support the monitoring of new or existing processes, policies and procedures
  • Validate hospital performance and accountability across your entire organization
  • ReadyPoint App Open Issues by Category main list view
  • ReadyPoint App Open Issues by Category drop down loading view
  • ReadyPoint App Open Issues by Category drop down list view


ReadyPoint Reporting offers a powerful and dynamic approach to tracking and evaluating the effectiveness of Daily Rounding and Compliance.

We deliver state-of-the-art reporting that provides timely and critical information to those who need it. As users engage with the platform by selecting their interests and personalizing their work, ReadyPoint intuitively learns and delivers only the most targeted and meaningful information needed.


One powerful and integrated SaaS Platform improves Readiness, Rounding and Compliance!

Proactive Daily Rounding!

Reporting & Analytics

Access actionable data to Monitor, Track, Report and Analyze. Share data within your organization easily and quickly through email, Excel, and PDF reporting.

Standards & Compliance Database

Build your own database of Surveys, Checklists, Questions and Improvement Plans.

Mobile App

Conduct a Quick Survey, report and photograph a Quick Issue, receive text and email alerts and even take Surveys anywhere in the hospital.

Automated Rounding on Mobile Devices or the Web

Take a Quick Survey, report a Quick Issue, Set-up Groups and Assign Reviews. Our powerful Scheduling feature combines with Reporting and Notifications to deliver a timely and actionable workflow.

Notifications & Alerts

Set up Text and/or Email notifications of assigned tasks within Groups or to individuals. Advanced messaging allows tasks to be assigned, reassigned and tracked on the fly. Powerful tools allow extensive control over Rights and Access which, creates personalized messaging, work assignments and reporting.

ReadyPoint’s Mobile App is a unique and effective tool for Mobile Rounding especially in specialized hospital environments.

Our Synchronized Mobile Loading technology allows staff to quickly conduct Compliance Reviews, Surveys, access Checklists and note Issues on Mobile devices while moving in and out of Wifi range. Notifications stream to Mobile devices delivering instant, simple and efficient communication.

Usable anytime, anywhere, the convenience of ReadyPoint Mobile Rounding eliminates waste and takes Daily Rounding to a whole new level.

ReadyPoint understands that each hospital faces their own unique challenges when identifying and addressing failing items. ReadyPoint Mobile delivers the speed and power of mobile workflow to teams at every level within the organization.

  • ReadyPoint app login screen
  • ReadyPoint app checklists screen
  • ReadyPoint app questions screen
ReadyPoint Services


Comprehensive Training, Implementation and customized Professional Development Services are just some of the services available when you become a ReadyPoint Hospital.

Training and Implementation

Learning the ReadyPoint platform is quick, effective and intuitive. Training can take any number of formats including:

  • Interactive training sessions
  • Online Training Library which includes manuals, FAQs and reference materials
  • Webinars
Customer Support

We are dedicated to providing an outstanding customer experiene. We offer timely responses and advice via our online support website including:

  • Live and web-based support
  • Instant access to all training materials and knowledge base
  • Timely feedback
  • Customer service hotline
Professional Services

In need of a customized solution? Work with our Professional Services department to develop new or specialized functionality while continuing to leverage the power of ReadyPoint’s robust Platform.

ReadyPoint Services


To request a demo or to learn more about the ReadyPoint platform, please contact us at 866-506-1930 or fill out and submit the form below. We’ll get back to you as quickly as possible.

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